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Benjamin Alston and Walt Houston from the Memphis Footworks club won the Akisphere in 2016 and they came back to fight for the title again in the heart of the 2017 summer. They pretty much breezed through the prelims, quarter and semi finals for the big meet in the finals against François Depatie-Pelletier and Manu Bouchard. The first game was just too easy for the americans and they went on to clutch a 15-6 win in that set. The second game would be an entirely different story as François started to serve better and his team executed plays as they should. Depatie-Pelletier had been on the sideline for a minor knee injury and he served from the left in the first game as he could barely lift his right leg. After warming it up in the first game, some mobility came back and he started serving from his natural side. As Ben and Walt both have big serves it was important that François could respond as he has a good release too.

So the second game was exciting and the issue was uncertain until the end. The Memphis boys managed to keep their cool and finally ended up on top with an overtime victory 18-16 to go on and keep the trophy.

You can see the entire match on this Video on Demand (VOD) album prepared by Yves Archambault from Pro Kicker production. The natural lighting was very good on this bright sunny day. All the scores are printed on every point and there's a lot of slow motion of the best moves.

The 2017 AKISPHERE from Pro Kicker

Here are the complete results for the 2017 Akisphere:
July 28-30, 2017

Open Doubles Net

1. Walt Houston - Benjamin Alston
2. Emmanuel Bouchard - François Depatie Pelletier
3. Luc Legault - Gilles Demers
4. Luka Weyler-Lavallée - Martin Côté
5. Robert Lavigne - Grischa Tellenbach
6. Philippe Lessard - Geneviève Bousquet
7. Benjamin De Bastos - Julien Coblence
8. Audrey Tumelin - Stéphane Tailleur

Open Singles Net

1. Emmanuel Bouchard
2. Grischa Tellenbach
3. Geneviève Bousquet
4. Martin Côté
5. Luka Weyler-Lavallée
6. Robert Lavigne
7. Benjamin De Bastos
8. Julien Coblence
9. Audrey Tumelin

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