Monday, December 22, 2014

The 2010 World Footbag Championships videos, going back in time

You have to know that I was on site to film most of the videos I shot for this project but I also participated in most of these tournaments as a player. The 2010 World Footbag Championships was no exception and I had a lot of fun to play in this edition of the most important annual tournament in our sport. I was also proud to finish in 6th place in the open singles net competition although I don't have any images from my own matches as I only start to film from the semi finals on, usually. There was a lot of good action in the finals matches though and let's see how the women did in their doubles finals: 
You can see more free videos on this tournament's dedicated page as well as my comments on every match. For those who were there or want to study the games in all the details the complete matches are available, on demand, here

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