Monday, July 20, 2015

2014 World Footbag Championships Freestyle Routines Finals - Online now

This has been a long time coming but finally I published the online virtual DVD featuring all the freestyle finals routines from Worlds 2014 in Paris. You can see them all at:  The trailer is free.

I made a clip with all the routines for Men's, Women's and Team's categories showing all the competitors in the order that they performed. I also made a separate clip for all the routines so each one of them can be purchased individually. So if you want to see and / or download your routine it will set you back 1 Euro.

Here's a list of all the routines:

Open (men): Jindra Smola, Evan Gatesman, Vasek Klouda, Patrik Cerny, Aleksi Airinen,
Mathias Blau, Rene Ruhr, Taishi Ishida
Three competitors graced us with dropless routines in that finals round:
Mathias, Vasek and Jindra, great stuff.

Tina Aeberli, Paloma Mayo, Jana Sassakova, Caroline Birch,  

Team: Tomas Tucek / Martin Sládek, *Paloma Mayo / Sergio Garcia, Jindra Smola / Patrik Cerny, Jana Sassakova / Caroline Birch

*Note: The team performance of Paloma Mayo / Sergio Garcia is only partially filmed due to technical difficulties. We are sorry for that as it was 
a very entertaining routine. As such this partial routine clip is offered for free in the bonus features at the bottom of the page.
 Virtual DVD of the 2014 WFC Freestyle Finals Routines

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