Friday, February 26, 2016

The 2010 Akisphere footbag net doubles videos are online

The 2010 Akisphère was a great tournament, the weather was good on finals day which is a requirement for a successful outdoors tournament and the level was high. Watch François Depatie-Pelletier and Gilles Demers take care of the opposition in the doubles finals match. This was their final preparation for the 2010 World Footbag Championships in which the made the finals. Although they lost that match it is remembered as one of the best doubles finals ever but without the fierce opponents they had in Montreal, PT Lovern and Manu Bouchard, it would have been more difficult for them to reach for the top.

Here are the best moments of the 2010 Akisphère doubles finals as captured and edited by Yves Archambault

Find the results of the tournament as well as the description of the singles and doubles finals here.

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