Saturday, October 22, 2016

The 2016 World Footbag Championships Net ''The 2016 Superstars'' on demand Video album is available

Trnava, Slovakia   DEALS   Footbag Freestyle   Descriptions

After a lot of hardwork synchronizing the feeds of two cameras, cutting the useless time between points, adding all the scores and a whole lot of slow motion + cool intros and outros, the 2016 World Footbag Championships Net Finals Album is ready for everyone to watch. The 5 finals are included, play by play. Women singles and doubles, Mixed doubles, Open singles and doubles from A to Z.
Don't forget to visit our deals page for the best price on the album and more. For now let's have a look at the trailer:

The 2016 World Footbag Championships Net Finals from Pro Kicker on Vimeo

If you want more details about how the finals went you can find my descriptions on this page

The 2016 World Footbag Championships Freestyle ''The Finals'' on demand Video album is ready

Trnava, Slovakia               DEALS            Footbag Net

At the other end of the world for me. I'm here to play Footbag Net but also to document the two last days of competition. On day 1 the freestyle events were the finals of Shred 30 and the Circle Contest finals as well. On day 2 we had the Women Circle Contest, the Open Doubles Routines, the Women Routines and finally the Open Routines finals. Lets watch the trailer and then I'll push the descriptions a little further.

The 2016 World Footbag Championships Freestyle Finals from Pro Kicker on Vimeo.

Shred 30 finals

I like Shred 30, it's fast, the players succeed to each other while the raging techno music doesn't stop. Some shred their heart out and others have a more technical or mathematical approach. Alexander Trenner from Austria won it over Taishi Ishida from Japan. The other contestants were; Mariusz Wilk, Evan Gatesman, Dominik Simku, Patrik Cerny, Jakub Mosciszewski, Mikko Lepisto and Krystof Malér. Judge for yourself.

The Circle Contest finals

The Circle Contest in Copenhagen in 2015 were insane and a few of the top players were missing this year. Evan Gatesman was the only one from last year's top four to be on site. He won it brilliantly but Mariusz Wilk and Jakub Mosciszewski had great runs too, Mikko Lepisto was not at the same level this time. The contest was divided in two phases: Variety and density so there is a clip for each one in the Album.

Open Doubles Routines finals

The team freestyle event had their returning champions ready to rock once more. After winning the 2014 (Paris) and 2015 (Copenhagen) the World title holders offered a quasi flawless execution of their routine. Tomas Tucek and Martin Sladek confirmed their domination on the discipline with this threepeat.
In second place Paloma Mayo and Sergio Garcia from Madrid were handicapped greatly by Paloma's knee injury. She went all the way...with pain. The 3rd place went to two clowns, Patrik Cerny and Dominik Simku wearing masks of the Champions made us laugh but stroke a wall in terms of performance.

Women Singles Routines finals

The return of the queen, Tina Aeberli from Switzerland came back to win the title after missing the 2015 Championships. It is unfortunate that last year's champion, Paloma Mayo, hurt her knee during the earlier rounds and couldn't offer her best to put some pressure on the best female freestyler of all times.
You will also see the routines of Lena Scheiwiller and Caroline Birch on the album.

Open Singles Routines finals

The Open Singles suffered from the lack of depth caused by a lot of missing players compared to 2015 but the greatest dissapointment came from an ankle injury that happened in the first rounds of the tournament. I was really looking forward to the return of another Czech prodigy. Unfortunately Jindra Smola couldn't perform, he was a routines winner in 2014 (Paris) and the runner up in 2013 (Montreal)  . On the other hand this was an opportunity for some youngsters to make a name for themselves. 
Evan Gatesman took the title for the first time and that completed a great cycle for him as this was the only freestyle title missing in his collection. The second place went to footbag freestyle legend Vasek Klouda who managed to show some great stuff on one leg with the lowest drop count with only one. Yep another injury to a leg. The third place went to Patrik Cerny from the ever prolific Czech Republic. 
All the other players that made it to that round are also featured in the album:
Rafal Kaleta, Jakub Mosciszewski, Dominik Simku, Taishi Ishida, Arkadiusz Stanek and Krystof Malér.

Women Circle Contest finals

The women circle contest went directly to the finals round with 6 contestants, and often this caused a player to be in the way of the performer so it is here as documentation. Fortunately the area was clear when Tina Aeberli's turns were coming so we can see her quite well in the clip. She also managed to win it over 2. Hanna Mickiewicz 3. Jana Sassakova 4. Lena Scheiwiller 5. Caroline Birch and 6. Nina Stuppacher.