Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The 2013 World Footbag Championships Freestyle Routines Finals - Online now

The 2013 World Footbag Championships were in my hometown that year. Here is the online album with the 11 routines that I filmed on freestyle finals day. From Montreal with love!                      Deals                    
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Women Singles Routines finals

Four competitors made it to the finals in 2013: Chrissy Fryer, Caroline Birch, Hanna Mickiewicz and the winner Cassandra Taylor. Honestly that was a weak year for the women's routines. Cassandra won with an honest routine, nothing too spectacular, but the others dropped the footbag way too often. I didn't film Chrissy Fryer's routine due to technical problems. The 3 others complete routines are documented in this album. Judge for yourself.

Open Singles Routines finals

Even though some of the superstars were missing we still were graced with top performances on the men's side. Jan ''Honza'' Weber, the champion of 2012, was in the house and he gave the crowd a nice visual treat. In fact I think that most of the players did pretty good. Jindra Smola the youngest player performed the only dropless of the contest, nicely done. Aleksi Airinen was solid but could have gone a little further in difficulty. Rene Ruhr had some nice juggling and high difficulties in his routine. Felix Zenger, whom we haven't seen since, had a very energitic and difficult routine as well. The three americans that obtained the remaining positions were good too. Ken Somolinos showed some major skills and really nice choreography. Dustin Rhodes came in with a better original seed than 7th so his problem was a few unfortunate drops. The last one, Chris Dean, had some interesting moments too.
Overall this was excellent freestyle.

On the Album you will find movies with the complete rounds of women and open freestyle in the order that the players performed. 
You will also be able to enjoy each of the routines in solo for quicker views.

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