Sunday, January 1, 2017

The 2009 Bembel Cup top dogs

The 2009 Bembel cup was a prelude to the World Footbag Championships. Players flocked to Frankfurt, Germany from all over Europe, the US and Canada. This video album features the complete doubles finals with scores and slow motion on some key points.

The Bembel Cup 2009 Doubles finals complete match from Pro Kicker

This tournament was a lot of fun as frankfurters know how to receive people and make them feel at home. The competition was well organized and the finals location, near a very well known large pool was well chosen. Unfortunately the weather was overcast and a little chilly for that time of year so we didn't get many spectators from the passers by.

For those who attended though the show was great. The doubles finals match offered a lot of exciting plays. Big smashes, lot of digs and big air. The players were in control. The opponents were Andreas (Andi) Wolff one of the local prodigies teaming up with Ullrich (Ulli) Haase from Berlin facing my teammates from Aki Qu├ębec (Quebec is the french speaking province of Canada - editor's note) Gilles Demers and Luc Legault.

The germans painfully won the first game 17-15 but the Quebeckers were just warming up. They won the two remaining games by 15-6 15-2. Don't let the scores fool you though as they had to work for these results. Ulli seemed to be a little hurt as he would't participate to the offence as much as usual. Andi Wolff hit a lot of very spectacular shots included a bunch of toe jams, his specialty shot. Gilles and Luc on the other side of things dug a lot of the other team's smashes. They also hit a lot of highly spectacular shots, especially Demers who has great jumping and spinning abilities.

In conclusion thie was an exciting match to watch and the winners went on to make the semi finals at the World Championships in Berlin the week after.

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And finally one last little treat for you, this short video features the best rallye of the 2009 Bembel Cup doubles finals: 

The BEMBEL CUP 2009 Best Rallye of the match from
Pro Kicker