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4 New Video on Demand album released

Howdy, you were probably wondering what I was doing since I didn't publish any new video collections since January? Well I was busy working on 4 different projects that all came to fruition most recently. The first one is:
2017 World Footbag Championships Net Finals,  all the play by play of the 5 finals sometimes filmed with up to 6 cameras with all the scores on each play and a lot of slow motion. This was a lot of work to synchronize the footage from all different angles and so it took a little longer than usual but it's finally available now and here's a discount coupon to get the best possible price on this marvelous collection. All prices are in Canadian dollars. 

The second project was the same tournament's freestyle finals night. A little easier to handle as it was filmed from only one point of view but still time consuming. Here's the best deal for you, and if you'd like both the freestyle and net collection just scroll a little lower for a great deal on both:

And the Freestyle and net collections from the 2017 World Footbag Championships best deal for those who like both disciplines.

Well the work wasn't over and another album came out of the burner and it's the Akisphere 2017 doubles finals match. Great deal on this one here:

And finally as the mission of Footbag Archives is to provide as much video references as possible to feed the history hungry Footbag afficionados, I produced a collection of the complete 2009 World Footbag Championships net finals. And again this is the best deal on this collection. 

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2017 World Footbag Championships: Freestyle The Finals Night

Portland, Oregon, USA     Footbag Net               Video Deals
Footbag Archives announces the release of a new Video On Demand album. This new virtual DVD has all the action of the last night of the Freestyle competition at the 2017 World Footbag Championships, played in the Portland, OR, convention center on August 12th. See the descriptions below the trailer.

The 2017 World Footbag Championships - Freestyle - The Finals Night from Pro Kicker

Women Routines

The night started with women's routines and the first up was Caroline Birch. Caroline has some skills but her strentgh is mostly presentation and she got the crowd going. She was followed by Cass Taylor, the 2013 World Champ from Canada. Her music was very engaging and she has a lot of skills but she seemed nervous and dropped the footbag a little bit too much. Then Paloma Mayo came to do her magic and clinched the title with a very nice routine.

Open Routines

This was a strong open contingent and at this point there were only 8 players left. TJ Boutorwick launched the competition in orbit with a nicely executed dropless routine putting the pressure on for the other open freestylers. Brian Sherrill followed with a very honest performance. Gordon Bevier's was ok too. I wish that Ken Somolinos would have lost the sunglasses before he entered the stage as it seems it made him miss a trick early on in his routine which broke the rythm and made him drop some more...Ken has great moves but he often drops too much in the big moments, focus on the task at hand Ken, forget the costumes. So we entered the top 4 dogs, Jim Penske had some great strings, very entertaining but a couple of drops. Taishi Ishida went dropless with a very nicely constructed choreography, the crowd went wild with him. The great Vasek Klouda set his usual standard but missed once which was enough for the judges to put him second. Pawel Nowak also went for a dropless routine with plenty of tough moves to execute and that got him the title. Poland is on top of the World, for now. At the moment that I write this he still has two days to hold on to his win as the routines finals at the World Championships in Bulgaria are approaching.

Circle Contest

For those who know nothing about footbag freestyle the circle contest may seem a little bit esoteric. The 4 finalists have to display their abilities in two phases, variety which is self explanatory, and density which is harder to explain but basically they have to show all their best moves in long strings of craziness and ankle twisting frenzy. Our 4 players are virtuosos at what they do and they all went on to impress the spectators with their mastery of the footbag craft. Vasek Klouda finished on top followed by Lon Smith, who was my favorite just 'cause he seem to be the one having the most fun out there. Jim Penske and Nick Landes also offered some great moments, it's all well worth watching again.

If you are also a Footbag net Fan you can find my take on the finals as well as the net finals album reference on this page

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2017 World Footbag Championships Freestyle results

Open Singles Routines:

  1. Pawel Nowak (Poland)
  2. Václav Klouda (Czech Republic)
  3. Taishi Ishida (Japan)
  4. Jim Penske (USA)
  5. Ken Somolinos (USA)
  6. Gordon Bevier (USA)
  7. T.J. Boutorwick (New Zealand)
  8. Brian Sherrill (USA)
  9. Aleksi Airinen (Finland)
  9. Nathan Bonslaver (USA)
  11. Cassandra Taylor (Canada)
  11. Juho Marjo (Finland)
  13. Nick Landes (USA)
  13. Daryl Genz (USA)
  15. Wiktor Debski (Poland)
  15. Peter Bowler (USA)
  17. Larry Workman (USA)
  17. Kevin Hogan (USA)
  17. Dante Diotallevi (Canada)
  17. Khoa Nguyen (USA)
  21. Bruce Li (China)
  21. Justin Blotsky (USA)

Women's Singles Routines:

  1. Paloma Mayo (Spain)
  2. Cassandra Taylor (Canada)
  3. Caroline Birch (Australia)
  4. Heather Cook (USA)

Intermediate Singles Routines:

  1. Christian Britting (USA)
  2. John Redding (USA)
  3. Sean Nyman (USA)
  4. Ken Moller (USA)

Open Circle Contest

1. Václav Klouda 2. Lon Smith 3. Jim Penske 4. Nick Landes

Intermediate Circle Contest

1. Christian Britting 2. Ryan Morris 3. Sean Nyman 4. John Redding

Shred 30

1. Lon Smith 255.75 2. Vasek Klouda 243.15 3. Jim Penske 232.00 4. Pawel Nowak 196.71 5. Nick Landes 187.50 6. Santeri Karvinen 175.94 7. Taishi Ishida 171.60 8. TJ Boutorwick 0.00

Request Contest

1. Jim Penske

Other references about this tournament:
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