2003 World Footbag Championships, Prague, Czech Republic

* The 2003 World Footbag Championships Net Collection from Pro Kicker.

The 2003 World Footbag Championships marked a very important moment in the evolution of the sport of Footbag. It was the first time that a Worlds was held in Europe, also the first time out of North America. 

It was hot in all the senses of the word. A super heathwave was sweeping through Europe and the Czech Republic was not spared. The level of play was also hot and steamy ;-)

Open doubles Finals

Yves Archambault / Manu Bouchard, Montréal, Québec representing Pro Kicker vs Jake Leong / Andre Lemaire from Vancouver, Bc. of Kitsilano Footbag
Pro Kicker: 15-13 15-5

I'll write more about the other finals eventually but I want to focus on the footbag net open doubles for a moment. It featured two canadian teams and I think that it was only the second occurence for such a meet at the Championships. The WFC03 video collection features this complete match. The first game was very tight and too close for comfort, I know, I was playing in it.
In the second game the team from Quebec (province) took a solid lead and crushed the opposition.Manu Bouchard hit 9 Roll Sweeps in that match. You can see them all in succession at the end of the video trailer posted at the top of the page.  
Yves Archambault and Manu Bouchard over Jake Leong and Andre Lemaire.
15-13 15-5

* This complete match is included in the 2003 World Footbag Championships Net Collection. All the points with scores as well as slow motion on some nice actions.

Open doubles semi finals #2 

Yves Archambault / Manu Bouchard, Montréal, Québec representing Pro Kicker vs John Leys / PT Lovern, Bay Area, California of The Chaos Footbag Club
Pro Kicker: 15-5 11-15 15-12

The semi finals 2 was probably the finals before the finals. Unfortunately the two best teams (on paper) were on a collision course to meet before the finals. The flamboyant players from the Chaos Footbag californian club were on the rise and they were meeting two veterans from Montreal, Quebec representing Pro Kicker. The match went to three games as Chaos came back from a 15-5 spanking in the first game. They bounced back with a 15-11 win in the second part of the duel. In the 3rd installment, the Pro Kicker players, Yves Archambault and Manu Bouchard took an early lead. In games to 15 points the teams change sides at 8 and at this moment everything looked bright for Montreal with a comfortable 8-1 lead. Things can change rapidly in any sport, footbag included, and the Chaos seeders threw a desperate fight on the Prague central court. With tight scores like 10-9 and 14-12 the frenchies held the fort to a short victory of 15-12. 

To summarize it was an exciting match where I had chance to play in front of a bunch of new players from many parts of Europe. Lots of good action from the 2 main spikers, Bouchard and Lovern while John Leys and I did our jobs too. It felt great to win for sure! The energy level was so high as this was in the beginnings of the rise of Europe as a footbag net force. New people with a lot of passion kicking their asses off to try to kick yours. Nice!

* This complete match is included in the 2003 World Footbag Championships Net Collection. All the points with scores plus slow motion on some of the nicest actions.
PT Lovern preparing to take it down

2003 World Footbag Championships
July 28-August 3, Prague Czech Republic
The Footbag Net Results:


1-Emmanuel Bouchard-Yves Archambault 2-Jake Leong- Andre Lemaire 3-Brent Welch- James Harley 4-John Leys- PT Lovern 5-Peter Shunny- Chris Siebert -Jukka Peltola-Jani Markkanen -Tuomas Karki-Olli Savolainen -Bruce Guettich-Jimmy Caveney 9-Florian Goetze-Maude Landreville -Bjarne Everberg-Jakob Hall 11th (Not making it out of the pools) -Steve Goldberg-Mike Stefanelli -Andreas Wolff- Henning Goetzke -Jesse Ruotsalainen-Aleksi Ohman -Matti Pohjola- Oskari Forsten -Christian Loew- Sam Maleki -Randy Pace- Chris Ott -Juha-Matti Rithilati- Janne Uusitalo -Yassin Khateeb- Thomas Forster -Miquel Clemente- Nicolas de Zeeuw -Ludovic Lacaze- Eric Wulff


1-Emmanuel Bouchard 2-John Leys 3-Bruce Guettich 4-Jake Leong 5-Yves Archambault 6-Eric Wulff 7-Peter Shunny 8-Jakob Hall 9-Jani Markkanen 10-Aleksi Ohman 11-Matti Pohjola -James Harley 13-Jukka Peltola -David Butcher -Andreas Wolff -Tuomas Karki Tied for 17th (not making it out of the pools) -Janne Uusitalo -Ole Schnack -Michael Stefanelli -Thomas Forster -Florian Goetze -David Chabannes -Bjarne Everberg -Sam Maleki -Andre Lemaire -Oskari Forsten -Olli Savolainen -Yassin Khateeb -Jim Caveney -Juah-Matti Rytilahti -Chris Loew -Miquel Clemente -Randy Pace

Manu Bouchard jousts Jake Leong in the singles semis


1-Amy Westberg-Emmanuel Bouchard 2-Julie Symons- John Leys 3-Jody Welch-Brent Welch -Maude Landreville-Chris Siebert 5-Lisa Mc Daniel-David Butcher -Tina Lewis-James Harley -Alexander Smirnov-Julia Tikhomirova


1-Amy Westberg-Lisa Mc Daniel 2-Jody Welch-Julie Symons 3-Tina Lewis-Sam Conlon 4-Teresa Rogerson-Julia Tikhomirova


1-Jody Welch 2-Lisa Mc Daniel 3-Julie Symons 4-Tina Lewis 5-Maude Landreville 6-Teresa Rogerson 7-Julia Tikhomirova


1-Max Koendgen-Hannes Daniel 2-Francois Leh-Ted Fritsch 3-Daniel Send-Faris Barakat 4-Justin Eichenlaub-Markus Portenkirchner 5-David Chabannes-Grischa Tellenbach 6-Goran Vrasnesic-Jaka Stare 7-Otso Kontinen- Dominik Rutz 8-Christopher Reyer-Nicolas Dietl 9th place ties -Zahrer-Waldispuhl -Smirnov-Tikhomirova -Copi-Kobe -Lindner-Kaspczak 13th ties (Not making it out of the pools) -Schnack-Rousseau -Korff-Hofer -Pelko-Kralj -Morel-Dolinar -Sceniowski-Budzik -Schmidt-Kreil -Riffaud-Brunet -Dargent-Heyes -Meneboo-Lamps -Schlapfer-Dubuis -Zdnidarsic-Majerhold -Touzelet-Donnat -Freller-Baker


1-Max Koendgen 2-Markus Portenkirchner 3-Justin Eichenlaub 4-Pavel Hejra 5-Francois Leh 6-Markus Kaspczak 7-Faris Barakat 8-Fabien Rifaud 9th place ties -Smirnov -Tellenbach -Rutz -Lacaze -Daniel -Send -Rousseau -Meneboo 17th place Ties -Fritsch -Schmidt -Heyes -Eurik Lindner
Ties for 21st (Not making it out of the pools)
-De Zeeuw

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