2007 Montreal International Footbag Championships

This was a hell of a tournament. The doubles finals were played at the Just for Laughs festival, Extreme sports section provided location in a park on the way to the main festival events so we had a nice crowd. Here's a series of videos created by Gilles Demers as invited editor. Gilles was also one of the stars of the tournament as he won doubles with his partner François Depatie-Pelletier over John Leys and Eric Wulff from the legendary club Chaos Footbag. They played in extreme heat all week-end long and they still offered a match packed with action. In the end Gilles and François prevailed by: 15-9 / 14-16 / 15-7

This playlist has the 7 clips, some maybe restricted in some countries due to the use of popular music. Here's the link to the playlist if for whatever reason you can't see it on this page.

Results 2007 Montreal International Footbag Championships

July 21-22, 2007
Montréal, QC, Canada


1- Emmanuel Bouchard
2- PT Lovern
3- Martin Côté
4- Yves Archambault
5- Gilles Demers
6- Luc Legault
7- Philippe Lessard
8- Robert Lavigne
9- Cory Current
10- François Depatie-Pelletier 
11- Dominique Soulard
12- Jeremy Mirken
13- Philippe Larose
14- Renaud Fanoni
15- Dominic O'Brien
16- Marilyn Demuy
17- Maude Landreville
18- Stéphane Tailleur
19- Jim Hankins


1- Gilles Demers / François Depatie-Pelletier
2- John Leys / Eric Wulff 
3- Yves Archambault / Patrick Asswad 
4- Emmanuel Bouchard / Robert Lavigne
5- Luc Legault / Philippe Lessard
6- PT Lovern / Martin Côté
7- Reanud Fanoni / Jeremy Mirken 
8- Philippe Larose / Dominique Soulard 
9- Maude Landreville / Marilyn Demuy 
10- Stéphane Tailleur / Dominic O'Brien 
11- Josh Penney / Cory Current
12-Jim Hankins / Greg Nice 

Intermediate SINGLES

1- Pierre Frigon
2- Robert Vaillancourt
3- Jean-François Bélanger
4- Josh Penney
5- Alexis Leclerc
6- Antoine Benhini
7- Félix-Antoine Guérard
8- Dominic Bédard

Intermediate DOUBLES

1- Pierre Frigon / Julien T
2- Jean-François Bélanger / Antoin Benhini
3- Félix-Antoine Guérard / Robert Vaillancourt

Other pages linked to this tournament on the web:
http://prokicker.ca/eng/mtl_07.htm has a nice photo gallery.
http://www.footbag.org/events/show/1179874637  Is on the site where all tournaments are announced.

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