2009 World Footbag Championships, Berlin, Germany, July 19-26, 2009                              

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2009 World Footbag Championships - All the Net Finals Collection from Pro Kicker

The 2009 World Footbag Championships in Berlin were certainly one of the top 5 best Footbag Worlds ever to be produced as far as the showcase of the net finals were concerned. They were played in a magical hall filled with over a thousand screaming fans. This was a great year for my club, Aki Québec, from Montreal, Canada. On the women's side Maude Landreville scored big with a well deserved triple crown. She won it all in women singles and doubles (with Geneviève Bousquet) plus the mixed doubles title (with JF Lemieux). On the men's side besides JF's title with Maude in mixed, Manu Bouchard won singles, over Lemieux as well as making the doubles finals. In that doubles finals the German home boys Florian Götze and Patrick Schrickel made their fans very happy with a solid win in three games over PT Lovern and Bouchard. A perfect ending to a great tournament.

Here's a recap of the finals

Women singles net finals

Maude Landreville from Montreal, Canada- Club Aki Québec vs Geneviève Bousquet from Montreal, Canada - Club Aki Québec

Format Best of 3 games to 15 points, side out scoring

Maude and Geneviève were teammates in Women's doubles but still they had a fierce opposition in their singles finals match. Geneviève won the first game 15-12 after a nice come back in the best game of this match. Maude played better and better as the match advanced and Geneviève felt the pressure and became nervous. Landreville assured her domination in games 2 and 3 for her first win of her dream day.

Landreville wins: 12-15 15-6 15-9

Open singles net finals

Manu Bouchard from Montreal, Canada- Club Aki Québec vs JF Lemieux from Montreal, Canada - Club Aki Québec

Format Best of 3 games to 15 points, side out scoring

Manu Bouchard was looking at a 12th consecutive title in open singles that year. He had dominated the scene since 1998 beating 11 different opponents in the finals of previous World Footbag Championships. This confrontation was a rematch of the 2006 finals, also played in Germany (Frankfurt). Jean-François Lemieux, also featured in the mixed doubles finals, is a very apt singles player but he lacks the offence that could really hurt Bouchard in this discipline. The first game was a battle and Bouchard finally came on top with a 15-12 win. That game set the pace for the second set as Lemieux wasted his best chance at a showdown and Bouchard established his confidence in his game. The second set was a formality for the champ.

Bouchard wins in 2 sets 15-12 15-5 

Women doubles net finals

Geneviève Bousquet + Maude Landreville both from Montreal, Canada - Club Aki Québec vs Irena Marc and  Lena Mlakar from Kranj, Slovenia - Club Footbag Kranj

Format: Best of 3 to 15 points, side out scoring

This match featured some newcomers in the women's finals against seasoned veterans from Montreal. Irena Marc and Lena Mlakar first appearance in the finals would showcase their very nice abilities and competitive spirit. They game Bousquet and Landreville a run for their money by winning the second set and pushing the match to the limit. The Montreal girls got their game together stronger in the the third set and racked up a second world title in women's doubles after 2004. Many more would come after that.

Bousquet and Landreville win 15-11 13-15 15-5

Mixed doubles net finals

Jean-François Lemieux + Maude Landreville both from Montreal, Canada - Club Aki Québec vs Luc Legault +Geneviève Bousquet both from Montreal, Canada - Club Aki Québec
Format: Best of 3 to 15 points, side out scoring

This match featured all star Montreal players. It was filled with spectacular plays, spikes digs and outstanding rallyes. This was Maude's year and nothing would come between her and this 3rd title in the competition. Triple crowns are pretty rare and Maude was at her best in all aspects of her game that year. JF hit a lot of big smashes, SunBacks and toe reverses, pull down and pushes on Maude's great sets. The opposition was fierce too and this was a really cool match to watch.

Landreville and Lemieux win it by 15-13 15-8

Open doubles net finals

Florian Götze from Frankfurt, Germany - Club Frankfurt Footbag e.v. + Patrick Schrickel from Berlin, Germany - Club FC Footstar vs PT Lovern, Oakland, USA - Club Chaos Footbag + Manu Bouchard, Montreal, Québec - club Aki Québec

Format: Best of 3 to 15 points, side out scoring

This match would be the culminating point of the whole tournament. Lovern and Bouchard were the title holders from 2008. Götze and Schrickel won in 2006 and 2007 the table was set for a great match. The homeboys gave the north americans a 15-6 beating in the first game, were handed a 8-15 loss in the second set to prepare a dramatic third and final game to settle it all. The germans were loosing 2-7 and then 6-9 when the mounted a last and irrestistible comeback to win the coveted title, at home, with a brilliant 15-10 win in the third game. The celebration just after that win was worth seeing with the fans making a triumph to the local players.

Frankfurt + Berlin win the title 15-6 8-15 15-10

If you want to see the complete matches don't forget that they are available on demand on Vimeo/ProKicker

The results of the Footbag Net competition: 

WFC 2009, Berlin, Germany

July 19-26, 2009

Women's Singles Net

1. Maude Landreville
2. Geneviève Bousquet
3. Julia Tikhomirova
4. Irena Marc
5. Piia Tantarimäki
6. Oxana Prikhodko (scratch)
7. Helena Schlichting
8. Kerstin Anhuth (scratch)
9. Lisa Uebele (scratch)
10.Lena Mlakar (sratch)

Women's Doubles Net

1.Maude Landreville / Geneviève Bousquet
2.Irena Marc / Lena Mlakar
3.Julia Tikhomirova / Oxana Prikhodko
4.Ninni Liukko / Piia Tantarimäki
5.Lisa Uebele / Kerstin Anhuth
6.Helena Schlichting / Shirine Daouk

Mixed Doubles Net

1. Maude Landreville / J-F Lemieux
2. Geneviève Bousquet / Luc Legault
3. Irena Marc / Ales Pelko
4. Ninni Liukko / Gilles Demers
5. Kerstin Anhuth / Florian Goetze
6. Piia Tantarimäki / François Pelletier
7. Lena Mlakar / Hannes Daniel
8. Julia Tikhomirova / Matti Pohjola
9. Lisa Uebele / Alexander Bartsch
10.Oxana Prikhodko / Miquel Clemente
11.Helena Schlichting / Hakan Hellberg
12.Shirine Daouk / Karim Daouk
13.Johanna Nigisch / Greg Lima
14.Katharina Probst / Alain Custovic
15.Isabelle Widmer / Samuel Hufschmid
16.Heike Koller / Matthias Feulner

Open Singles Net

1. Emmanuel Bouchard
2. J-F Lemieux
3. Matti Pohjola
4. Florian Goetze
5. Oskari Forsten
6. Tuomas Kärki
7. Gilles Demers
8. Jani Markkanen
9. Greg Lima
10.Ales Pelko
11.Arthur Ledain
12.Jeremy Mirken
13.Renaud Fanoni
14.Yves Archambault (scratch)
15.Martin Coté (scratch)
16.Bruce Guettich (scratch)
17.Luc Legault
18.Yassin Khateeb
19.Thomas Förster
20.Hannes Daniel
21.Yves Kreil
22.Markus Portenkirchner
23.Miquel Clemente
24.Justin Sexton
25.François Pelletier
26.Peter Shunny (scratch)
27.Lino Landau
28.Tuan Vu
29.Karim Daouk
30.Tammo Rockel
31.Markus Kaspczak (scratch)
32.Sasha Smirnov (scratch)
33.Manuel Kruse
34.Sébastien Duchesne
35.Simon Voss
36.Jaka Stare
37.Sébastien Maillet
38.Andreas Käfer
39.Evgeni Shiryaev
40.Vincent Rousseau
41.Grischa Tellenbach
42.Oxana Prikhodko (scratch)
43.Arkandy Lobankov
44.Phil Lessard
45.Iisak Liukko
46.Hakan Hellberg
47.Jesse Ruotsalainen (scratch)
48.Antonio Fritsch (scratch)
49.Carlos Marquez
50.Yves Mingard
51.Guillaume Degat
52.Hendrik Simon
53.Alain Custovic
54.Sven Depoilly
55.Christian Bruhn
56.Sakarias Liukko (scratch)
57.Marc Brunet
58.Milan Ardalic
59.Errol Stryker
60.Ville Laakso
61.Jonas Thull
62.Eurik Lindner (scratch)
63.Nicolas de Zeeuw (scratch)
64.Ludovic Lacaze (scratch)
65.Christian Bock
66.David Fujimura
67.Ilkka Malin
68.Pavel Hejra (scratch)
69.Jim Hankins (scratch)
70.Misha Kayanov (scratch)
71.Micha Klimczak (scratch)
72.Sébastien Lessard (scratch)

Open Doubles Net

1. Patrick Schrickel / Florian Goetze
2. Emmanuel Bouchard / PT Lovern
3. J-F Lemieux / Ben Rochon
3. Gilles Demers / Luc Legault
5. Jani Markkanen / Tuomas Kärki
6. François Pelletier / Renaud Fanoni
7. Matti Pohjola / Oskari Forsten
8. Thomas Förster / Yassin Khateeb
9. Jack Harris / Jeremy Mirken
10.Andy Ronald / Hannes Daniel
11.Greg Lima / Arthur Ledain
12.Martin Coté / Phil Lessard
13.Yves Kreil / Antonio Fritsch
14.Ales Pelko / Jaka Stare
15.Jukka Peltola / Jesse Ruotsalainen
16.Bruce Guettich / Peter Shunny
17.Karim Daouk / Sébastien Duchesne
18.Miquel Clemente / Nicolas de Zeeuw
19.Eurik Lindner / Markus Kaspczak
20.Yves Archambault / Tuan Vu
21.Sasha Smirnov / Evgeni Shiryaev
22.Iisak Liukko / Sakarias Liukko
23.Lino Landau / Marc Brunet
24.Vincent Rousseau / Grischa Tellenbach
25.Markus Portenkirchner / Tammo Rockel
26.Manuel Kruse / Simon Voss
27.Alain Custovic / Yves Mingard
28.Sébastien Maillet / Ludovic Lacaze
29.Ville Laakso / Carlos Marquez
30.Christian Bock / Errol Stryker
31.Christian Bruhn / Hendrik Simon
32.Maude Landreville / Sébastien Lessard
33.Jonas Thull / Andreas Käfer
34.Alexander Bartsch / David Fujimura
35.Hakan Hellberg / Magnus Hellberg
36.Arkandy Lobankov / Misha Kayanov
37.Ullrich Haase / Lisa Uebele
38.Jim Hankins / Micha Klimczak
39.Justin Sexton / Milan Ardalic
40.Julia Tikhomirova / Oxana Prikhodko
41.Guillaume Degat / Sven Depoilly
42.Ilkka Malin / Jani Liurko

Masters Singles Net

1.Peter Shunny
2.Bruce Guettich
3.Hakan Hellberg
4.Vincent Rousseau
5.PJ Daigle
6.Ted Fritsch
7.Magnus Hellberg

Masters Doubles Net

1.Vincent Rousseau / Nicolas de Zeeuw
2.Hakan Hellberg / Magnus Hellberg
3.PJ Daigle / Ted Fritsch
4.Bruce Guettich / Peter Shunny (scratch)

Intermediate Singles Net

1.Pavel Cerveny
2.Ted Fritsch
3.Janis Thal

Intermediate Doubles Net

1.Nakaleth Franz / Lukas Zimmermann
2.Pavel Cerveny / Peter Brocka
3.Ted Fritsch / Robin Püchel

Other WFC09 references:

Excerpts from the women's and mixed doubles net events at the 2009 World Footbag Championships in Berlin. Filmed by Yves Archambault, edited by Geneviève Bousquet. Featuring Geneviève Bousquet, Maude Landreville, Lena Mlakar, Irena Marc, Luc Legault, JF Lemieux. A Pro Kicker production. More info ont this tournament + results at: http://www.prokicker.ca/eng/wfc09_results.htm

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