World Footbag Championships      AKISPHÈRE 2012

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2012 World Footbag Championships for the first time in Poland

With Wiktor Debski as the new president of the International Footbag Players Association (IFPA) it was normal that he brought the World Championships to his country. The setup for the semis and finals was pretty good but some of the outside courts were pitiful. I had to play the finals of the masters singles on a slanted court with slanted posts. I had to get it out of my chest. The open and women finals were played indoors though and that’s what count. Freestyle also had a nice gym but first I’ll talk about the net competition. The king of the courts in 2012 was definitely Florian Götze with 3 victories in the 3 net categories that males can enter: Open singles, open doubles and mixed. This is a great accomplishment and it has not been repeated since.

Videos in the order that the matches were played:

Women singles net finals

Marilyn Demuy from Montreal, Canada - Club Aki Québec vs
Piia Tantarimäki from Finland - Club Footbag Finland

Format Best of 5 games to 15 points rallye scoring

Good match overall between these two. On paper before the games started Marilyn seemed stronger with a lot more experience but Piia fought for every point and the fourth game was extremely tight.
Demuy wins: 15-10 7-15 15-12 17-15

Open singles net finals

Florian Götze, Frankfurt, Germany - Club Frankfurt Footbag e.v. vs
Jean-François Lemieux, Paris, France – Club RNH (Now lives in Nantes and learned his footbag in Montreal before going to live in France)

Format Best of 5 games to 15 points, rallye scoring

Florian Götze plays in his second finals at the World Championships while J-F Lemieux has had a few already. Flo as the players call him is in control pretty much all the way during the match. J-F was doing better and better as the scores indicate but he finally ran out of time pretty quickly. Games to 15 in the rallye scoring system don’t let a lot of space for slow starts.
Götze wins in 3 straight sets 15-6 15-10 15-12

Women doubles net finals

Jody Welch + Julie Symons from California, USA - Club , Chaos Footbag vs
Marilyn Demuy from Montreal, Canada - Club Aki Québec + Yulia Tikhomirova from Moscow, Russia - Club Footbag Moscow both representing Pro Kicker

Format Best of 5 games to 21 points, rallye scoring

Jody Welch probably has more titles than any other player and her teammate Julie Symons knows everything about winning too. The veterans from California were clearly too strong for their opponents especially that Yulia Tikhomirova from Moscow is not in the same category as the other while Marilyn Demuy won women singles and has a couple of ultimate victories in Mixed doubles. Although Yulia is very determined she lacks the technical strength that the 3 other posess. Still there were some entertaining moments in the match.
Chaos finishes on top with a convincing victory in 3 straight sets 21-5 21-14 21-14

Mixed doubles net finals

Florian Götze + Kerstin Anhuth, Frankfurt, Germany - Club Frankfurt Footbag e.v vs
François Depatie-Pelletier + Marilyn Demuy from Montreal, Canada - Club Aki Québec representing Pro Kicker

Format Best of 5 games to 21 points, rallye scoring

Florian Götze had to win this mixed finals to have a chance at winning the three crowns and he did, brilliantly with the solid help of his partner Kerstin Anhuth. This wasn’t easy for the germans as you can see the scores of the 2 first games it was very tight. Team Frankfurt had to mount a comeback straight in the first game while they were trailing 15-19 and managed to win the game 22-20. The second game was also exciting as the Montrealers Demuy and Depatie-Pelletier took the victory by the slightest margin. Flo and Kerstin were in control in game 3 but the drama was back in the 4th game with a tighter score. Very high entertainment value. I had to switch to my backup camera during the intermission of game 3 and 4 as someone unplugged my battery charger so game 4 is not in HD and
some moments are shaky. Part of the archival adventures I guess.
Frankfurt wins it by 22-20 20-22 21-8 21-17

Open doubles net finals

Florian Götze from Frankfurt, Germany - Club Frankfurt Footbag e.v. + Yves Kreil from Germany - Club FC Footstar vs
Grischa Tellenbach from Paris, France - Club RNH + Karim Daouk from Lausanne, Switzerland - Club Les pieds à Gilles

Format Best of 5 games to 21 points, rallye scoring

The last hurdle for the king to be crowned, winning the prestigious open doubles title. Florian and partner Yves Kreil had to face two newcomers in the final round, Karim Daouk from Lausanne and Grischa Tellenbach from Paris. Honestly nobody thought they had a fighting chance but they managed to take one game and complicate things a little for the german team. In the end Florian and Yves played brilliantly in games 3 and 4 to take the mighty gold medals.
Germany triumphs 21-6 19-21 21-16 21-10 and Florian Götze wins the triple crown, an exploit that hasn’t been accomplished since 2003 when Manu Bouchard did it for the last time.

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