The Akisphère 2013 was a lot of fun. As it preceeded the 2013 World Footbag Championships, also held in Montreal, we had a few visitors from France and Germany that added to the intense level of competition.

Doubles Finals

The doubles finals was played by all star local players François Depatie-Pelletier and Luc Legault, who went to the finals in the subsequent World Footbag Championships, versus Benjamin Rochon and Gilles Demers. François and Luc won the first game 16-14 and why don't we have a look at that now: In the second game they took a 14-3 lead but then allowed their opponents to come back and it's only after a long battle and 8 match points that they finally concluded with a 15-12 victory.

Mixed Doubles

The mixed doubles finals was not really a big contest as an exhausted Benjamin Rochon couldn't take advantage of a great partner, Maude Landreville. On the other side of the net Luc Legault, who still had some juice going after the doubles finals, and Geneviève Bousquet played very strongly.
Luc and Geneviève on top by 15-2  15-7


The singles finals was played indoors because it rained intensely on Saturday. This gave some really hot an muggy conditions as the air conditioning didn't work in the gym. François Depatie-Pelletier won over Luc Legault by 21-19 / 10-21 / 21-16

Get the complete doubles and mixed finals with all the scores and a lot of slow motion by clicking here.

Akisphère 2013 results

July 19-21, 2013
Montréal, Québec, Canada

Open Singles Net:

  1. François Pelletier (Canada)
  2. Luke Legault (Canada)
  3. Tammo Rockel (Germany)
  4. Yves Archambault (Canada)
  5. Christian Bock (Germany)
  6. Dominic O'Brien (Canada)
  7. Luka Weyler-Lavallée (Canada)
  8. Phil Schaefer (Germany)
  9. Geneviève Bousquet (Canada)
  10. Olivier Berthiaume-Bergé (Canada)
  11. Carl-Antoine Boulay (Canada)
  12. Maude Landreville (Canada)
  13. Kerstin Anhuth (Germany)
  14. Christophe Spooner (Canada)
  15. Renaud Fanoni (Canada)

Open Doubles Net:

  1. Luke Legault / François Pelletier (Canada)
  2. Gilles Demers / Benjamin Rochon (Canada)
  3. Quentin Isackson / Greg Lima (France)
  4. Phil Schaefer / Tammo Rockel (Germany)
  5. Yves Archambault / Carl-Antoine Boulay (Canada)
  6. Martin Côté / Martin Graton (Canada)
  7. Dominic O'Brien / Dominique Soulard (Canada)
  8. Emmanuel Bouchard / Renaud Fanoni (Canada)
  9. Marilyn Demuy (Canada) / Christian Bock (Germany)
  10. Maude Landreville / Geneviève Bousquet (Canada)
  11. Marc Girard-Larivière / Olivier Berthiaume-Bergé (Canada)
  12. Philippe Lessard / Luka Weyler-Lavallée (Canada)
  13. Kerstin Anhuth (Germany) / Christophe Spooner (Canada)
  14. Thibault Rehn / Marie-Lou Roy (Canada)

Open Mixed Doubles Net:

  1. Luke Legault / Geneviève Bousquet (Canada)
  2. Maude Landreville / Benjamin Rochon (Canada)
  3. Kerstin Anhuth / Phil Schaefer (Germany)
  4. Marilyn Demuy / François Pelletier (Canada)
  5. Dominic O'Brien / Marie-Lou Roy (Canada)

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